Uniquely designed for challenging oil and gas operations, our DRIMS not only help operative staff with monitoring and control, provide the right analysis for accurate and timely decisions.

We knows that the oil and gas markets are demanding, and we're dedicated to offering solutions that meet our customers' needs. Simple configuration of useful applications provides a powerful tool for cutting downtime and optimizing production.

Operational Data

Online manageable data for production, operations, maintenance engineering, accounting and management.

Service Ticket

Generate service ticket based on the mandays timesheet and equipment timesheet.

Easy Access

Easy to access to the system anytime anywhere and view information in your fingertips.


Integrated Data

Online manageable data for production, operations, maintenance, engineering, accounting, project management, etc.


Predict the trend, the revenue and cost based on past project, on going and upcoming project.


Manage the resource easier, and know the equipment and what your employee do based on the schedule.

User Management

Security is offered through a fully configurable athority system that prevents unauthorized persons from gaining access and activation commands.

Email Reminder

Notification for the up dates information for a faster communication and approval process.


DRIMS is build as a web-based application that give user the easy to access to the system anytime anywhere.

Upstream Scalability

Deployed as local system controls operations in the field and connected to a consolidated central regional system as a corporate center linkable to upper level.

Access Control

The multi-level security system comforms to any corporate standard criteria and maintains the history of each user's access to the system.


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